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CHEVROLET SILVERADO V8 L L V6 L LS BASE GAS 4X4 2WD REGULAR CAB EXTENDED CAB LONG BED SHORT. View and Download Chevrolet Silverado Pickup owner’s manual Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Drive Operation (If. Express Limited” for Chevrolet Motor Division whenever it appears in .. to a vehicle or because of what the repair costs were. G (Passenger).

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Corvette – Be sure the battery has enough water. Crankcase Capacity After refill, the level must be rechecked. Replace parts as needed. Caprice – Windshield Wiper Blade Chevt Windshield wiper blades should be inspected at least twice a year for wear and cracking.

Adding only plain water to your cooling system can be dangerous. Use the rear edge of the load floor for measurement purposes.

Fuel Gage United States When the ignition is on, the fuel gage tells you about how much fhevy you have left in your tank.

Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manuals

Put someone on it. Call it highway hypnosis, lack of awareness, or whatever.


This feature will provide added safety belt comfort for older children who have outgrown booster seats and for small adults. Chevrolet Corvette Haynes Online Manual. Center the garage door opener activation button over the console door button, and press the opener firmly into place. Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts Replacement part numbers listed in this section are based on the latest information available at the time of printing, and are subject to change.

Print & Online Chevrolet Car Repair Manuals – Haynes Publishing

If the knob is in AUTO, the fan speed will vary as the system maintains the selected temperature. If the trailer has electric brakes, start your 15000 and trailer moving and then apply the trailer brake controller by hand to be sure the brakes are working. All capacities are approximate.

Scheduled Maintenance — Gasoline EnginesMiles km Drain, flush and refill cooling system or every 60 months since last service, whichever occurs first. Brookwood – Sprint – You might have exhaust coming in if: The following steps must be performed on each of the push pins to remove the air dam: Here a child is sitting in a seat that has a shoulder belt, but the shoulder part is behind the child.


The recovery hooks, when used, are under a lot of force. Check all fluid levels and also the brakes, tires, cooling system and transmission. If the flat tire is on the front of the vehicle all other modelsposition the jack on the frame behind the flat tire.

Page Compass Variance The mirror is set in zone eight upon leaving the factory. Equinox – Seats and Seat Controls Owers section tells you about the seats them, and fold them up and down.

Chevrolet Car manuals

Buckle, position cjevy release it the same way as the lap part of a lap shoulder belt. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: Door Locks Your vehicle has one double ignition and all door locks. If something is between an occupant and an air bag, the bag might not inflate properly or it might force the object into that person.

When the engine starts, let go of the key.