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The “AMS” name in the standard is an abbreviation of “Aerospace Materials Specifications”. The standard is published by SAE Aerospace, part. I am relatively new to being a provider of heat treat services and am trying to get some clarification on AMS D. The specification identifies. Does AMS D require a statement of compliance to the specification (AMS D). printed on, or provided with Certificates of Calibration for an instrument.

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Sensors shall have a certificate of compliance that identifies the source of the calibration data, nominal test temperature, actual test temperature readings, calibration technique, and correction factor for each 2750r temperature traceable to NIST or other recognized National Standard. Indication of test pass or test fail?

Survey test instrument identification number? Any combination of test, graphics, data, audio, pictorial, or other information representation in digital form that is created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved, or distributed by a computer system. Correction factors as well as corrected or uncorrected readings of all TUS sensors at each survey temperature. Load sensor shall comply with 3. Product is normally immersed in the fluidized medium.

Quality Assurance shall be consulted for direction on whether specific maintenance requires a new SAT. The procedure shall address how to account for and reintroduce any intentional offsets.

A laboratory furnace is not to ajs used for thermal processing of any production part or production raw material unless it meets all requirements of this specification. Load sensors, used for measurement of temperature of parts, simulated parts, or raw material, shall be in contact with or buried in the load during thermal processing. It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing 2705d, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys.

AMS2750D Standards Compliance with X-Series Recorders

These are necessary to ensure that parts or raw materials are heat treated in accordance with the applicable specification s. The roll calibration method shall not be used for rolls over feet meters if the difference between the highest and lowest calibration readings of the sample thermocouples at any calibration temperature exceeds the requirements in 3. System accuracy test failure? Insulation usually consists of glass braid or ceramic fiber cloth on each conductor plus glass braid overall.


The following requirements 3.

Calculated system accuracy difference? Sensor with calibration directly traceable to a primary test sensor. All refrigeration equipment shall be equipped with a temperature recorder if it is used for a treatment where time-at-temperature is required. The amount of temperature rise in the furnace work zone above the applicable positive TUS tolerance that occurs upon first reaching furnace setpoint temperature.

Product is normally immersed in the molten salt. When a load sensor is used as a control sensor, no control, monitoring, or recording sensor shall exceed the maximum allowed processing temperature. Records — System Accuracy Test ……………………………………………. Thermocouple composition and extension wire requirements are shown in Table 2.

Furnace identification name or number? One type consists of ceramic insulators over bare thermocouple wire, sometimes inserted in a tube for stability and protection. A furnace where product is conveyed at regular time intervals from the charge area to the discharge area. In lieu of 3.

The protective sheath has a moisture seal at the reference junction end of the sheath. Normally used to calibrate secondary instrumentation. It will also track due dates for System Accuracy Tests SATwhen the next temperature uniformity survey is due, and when the recorder is due for calibration. Due date of the next calibration? However, compliance with these intervals does not relieve the user of the responsibility for ensuring that excessive drift has not occurred under the particular conditions environment, time, and temperature of exposure.

Typically, this would be used on a recorder mounted on the process furnace. This survey shall be conducted initially and after any damage or repair that could affect the radiation characteristics of the side wall panels.


Heat treatment by a source other than the raw material producer. This furnace contains two separate qualified operating temperature ranges. Thermocouples made from calibrated rolls may be used in lieu of individually calibrated thermocouples.

Sensitivity shall be checked during calibration. A sheathed thermocouple having the hot junction measurement junction end fused xms welded to the end closure of the protective sheath. Instrumentation Type E ………………………………………………………. As a minimum, the sticker shall include: Plus, it monitors thermocouple usage and reports their status. If a 2-step treatment is required, it is permissible to perform the second step on the samples separately from the remainder of the lot e. Samples for tests shall be taken from the extremes and center of the load.

If no recurrent temperature pattern is detected, readings at subsequent locations shall be taken at intervals of two minutes or less, for a minimum of six minutes at each test am.

Thermocouple whose thermoelements are composed primarily of asm metals e.

thermocouples AMS | Pyrocontrole

In the context of this document, the difference between the uncorrected indicated temperature and the true temperature.

If this method is used, the number of TUS sensors shall be as described in Table 11 based on the volume of the work zones tested.

Initial surveys shall be performed at the highest and lowest traverse speeds used in production. Time and temperature profile data showing TUS sensors and control or monitoring sensors for all zones tested? Comparison checks among the cells shall be performed monthly.

Standard used during calibration? Correction factors that shall not be incorporated include: In the context of this document, bimonthly is equal to once every two months. Increase in the maximum qualified operating temperature or decrease in the minimum qualified operating temperature?