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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the first volume of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy, the five warring Successor States of the Inner Sphere confront a new. Started by Morgan Kerensky, May 30 PM paper BT books are long out of print sadly, but you can get an e-Book Omnibus version. Blood Legacy by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 2. Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 3. BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky Omnibus by Michael A.

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Book two of The Twilight of the Clans series.

Book one of The Blood of Kerensky Trilogy. A James Bond -style agent thriller where a Star League agent is omhibus on a snipe hunt for ombibus quartet of supposed murderers whom he all ends up killingonly to later realize he was given false information about the case, and eventually find out what really happened. Related events Clan Invasion. Having Marik and his forces at her side gives Jessica much-needed credibility and greater influence on Oriente.

BattleROM – BattleTechWiki

For Joanna, it may be her last opportunity to die in battle before being transferred back to the clan homeworlds. A small mercenary unit is wiped out in a sneak attack.

I really wanted them on paper. I know I can track down the paperbacks, but I’d really prefer the Kindle version. Known as Clan Wolverine, the story centers to the truth of what cause them to become forcefully erased from the Clan’s histories and only as chief betrayer of Clan Society. Thanks for the replies everyone. Coleman’s Endgame which resolved plot lines and character arcs from many previous works. War comes to Mirach, and the pacifistic governor wants none of it.

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. When there, he finds secret research by the scientist caste, and must fight to restore their clan’s honor. When ComStar challenges the Clans to one final decisive battle on the planet Tukayyid, Aidan gets one last shot at redemption. Not to mention its WarShips, and Space Craft.


Log in or sign up in seconds. Jaime Wolfcommander of the mysterious and elite Wolf’s Dragoons mercenary unit, takes the opportunity to reveal the origin of this new menace: The war changes the direction of the Falcons forever.

The combination of autonomy and wealth will make them more than a match for any MechWarrior battalion suicidal enough to challenge them. The man once known as Phelan Kell has risen through the ranks in Clan Wolf and now stands to win a coveted Bloodname, the highest honor the Clans can bestow.

Series: BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky

Kai Allard-Liaoson of the great Justin Xiang Allard and Candace Liao, fears he can never live up to the tremendous legacy of his parents. ComStar once ruled the realm of interstellar communications throughout the Inner Sphere. George is at odds blold the Clans’ intelligence service who seem to work against the Clans’ interests. Tara Campbell not only must stop the Wolf leader, but also confront a traitor closer to home.

Views Read Edit View history. But in the knick of time, Operation Bulldog arrives and eradicates the last omnibue the Smoking Jaguars.

Blood of Kerensky Series by Michael A. Stackpole

Star Colonel Varnoff believes Kerensky has betrayed them all-and with a loyal faction of Steel Wolves at his side vows to destroy all the Wolf Hunters. The following novels occur during what was referred to the “Classic BattleTech” era, which includes the 31st century and preceding centuries.

I kerensku go that route, though I was hoping to pay bucks, not Blood of Kerensky Omnibus Kindle Edition self.

Common Knowledge Series BattleTech: However, the others elements of the old League are in motion with their own plans. Submit a new text post. The intertwined stories of Emma Centrella of the Magistracy of Canopus and Richard Humphreys of Andurien during their respective realms’ joint war against the Capellan Confederation.


Clan Sea Fox roams the spacelanes like interstellar Gypsies, buying and selling at every world and living almost entirely on their enormous ArcShips and CargoShips. Meanwhile, a dark secret threatens to unravel the alliance against the Steel Wolves. Then came the Jihad, launched by a fanatical splinter group. Enter the infamous Detective Jack Ramsey. Huntress, the Capitol of Clan Smoke Jaguar!. Former Republic of the Sphere falls prey to a new incursion.

And behind it all, ComStar lurks, ready to betray their Clan allies for the chance to fulfill their destiny as the saviors of humanity. Now his enemies are on the move, taking the Marik-Steward Commonwealth planet by planet.

House Hiritsu is assigned to take Sarna, but the House Master is assassinated at the time they arrive into the system. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

Time Period covered – 23 May to 27 February Glad they got back to you However, the planet’s civilian population is in chaos. Archived copy as title Wikipedia articles in need of updating from January All Wikipedia articles in need of updating. The failure of interstellar communications threatens civilization across the breadth of the Inner Sphere.

Second hand books from various online booksellers or auction houses are your best bet for the classic BattleTech novels at this time. Goes for anyone else looking for them as well: If you need to relieve yourself, use the bathroom not another BattleTech fan.