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CD Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. The YD is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios. It is used when a minimum of peripheral components (of. cd datasheet, cd datasheets, cd pdf, cd price, cd buy, cd stock.

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For tuning drilled the back for access to adj screws on tuning capacitor. Next thing was to solder a pair of yellow wires to the positive and negative of the speaker.

(PDF) Cd9088 Datasheet download

I enjoyed a lot this kit. But at least they did provide the jack. The values can either be read or checked with a meter.

The schematic as listed is shown above. Next, try to close the case hooking over the headphone out jack first, and then clipping in the tuning dial side. Once that is dialled in, the unit has been tuned and the radio should now be somewhat functional.

Two AA batteries to power the receiver. That leaves the TDAwhich is a stereo audio amplifier chip to drive speakers and headphones.

A capacitor is hence a 10 pF capacitor, or 0. The next step was to mount the hardware — the headphone jack, the variable capacitor, the volume switch and the band switch.

Rather unimpressively, each kit comes in a bubble wrap package. The hiss swamps out the signal at low volumes which are comfortable dataeheet listening in a quiet room … which is disappointing. November 10, at 6: There is also a jumper wire marked with a J — this can be made with a scrap datasheeet capacitor leg.

I actually tried this on my second kit and it was a disaster. Small flat-blade screwdriver to perform the variable-cap tuning procedure. Insert the ferrite rod into the end to check the fit, then glue to the rod into the holder.


CD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Remove the plastic protective film on the front tuning datashet, if desired. Maybe one radio station at the most. Do not fit them into the casing until they are cool, otherwise you will melt the plastic casing! January 25, at 1: First, obtain the smaller volume dial and check the indentation for the rectangular brass stud of the switch. Sometimes, because of production reasons in both my kits the capacitors can become unmarked for some reason.

cd Datasheet PDF

After all, it shows just how numbers and drawings can easily transcend the language barrier. If I was doing this again, as I did for my second kit, I would populate the resistors before the capacitors datasheett because the clearance to get resistors flush on the board is limited once the capacitors are installed.

This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors. In the case of this kit, this specifically includes:.

Project: Paeansonic CF210SP CD9088+CD7642 AM/FM Radio Kit

Continuing on, the board is completed with the population of resistors. The pleasure is probably only the build, test and hearing something from it or breaking it. Turn the tuning dial to the lowest frequency longest indicator length and carefully thread the tip of the tongue through the slot while shifting the PCB into place.

I wonder if adding some holes in the back of the case would help. Ordering two ensures that you have some spares in case things do go wrong …. The reamed hole first the jack a lot better. The capacitor markings can be hard to read, but are mostly three digit indicating the first two significant figures and number of zeros in pF.


I must have used the wrong screw for the antenna as it became loose and I ended up replacing it with a self tap of slightly larger size. Luckily for everyone, the board also has very good silkscreening to judge by the listing. The final connection is the FM antenna connection. Datasheett, it took 2 months for my kit to arrive, the PCB was bowed, and some of the caps were illegible, but cf9088 worked on the first try.

Take note of the orientation, insert, bend leads, solder and clip leads until all the electrolytics are mounted. I have found the AM section to be very un-selective. Of interest is that the reception mode switch actually switches the audio path to the amplifier.

Unfortunately, the instructions are only a single double-sided sheet, so the educational value of the kit is somewhat limited. Get good reception aroun Mhz with correct pointer position. Start by securing the PCB to the front of the case using a short tapping screw on the stud in-between the volume and tuning dials.

Superglue is not preferable because it cracks when the case is flexed, but should still work somewhat adequately. That way you can flip the board over and solder the leaded parts without them sliding down to the table.

After the fact I saw a Russian youtube vid showing the SM chip being slickly soldered with two swipes of a soldering iron after he applied some flux from a pen dispenser.