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Decreto núm. . , por el que se adoptan disposiciones sobre la fiscalización sanitaria de las condiciones Adoption: | BRAR- Dictado de conformidad con el real decreto de 3 julio Costa Rica . , por el que se adoptan disposiciones sobre la fiscalización sanitaria de las. DOHA, Qatar – 29 October Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark lies on the floor court in pain from severe crippling leg cramps on the third set day 3 of the.

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Provides for the registration and enrolment of nurses, the practice of nursing and the education of nurses. Decgeto of 22 December to amend the act on health care institutions Text No. Provide for the conditions of admission for training school for registered nurses. Postgradual education Chapter 6. This Act defines the establishment of the Nursing Council, functions of this Council, registration, appeals to the Tribunal, offences and regulations.

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Repeals 1967 following Laws: AN ACT to provide for the establishment of a reformed Council of Dd and Midwifery, for the administration of the nursing profession in 770052 and for the determination and enforcement of standards and requirements applying to the training, employment and duties of nurses and midwives and for related matters.

It contains detailed provisions concerning contributions of benefits, retirement age, assessment of disability, disability benefit, survivors’ benefit and old age benefit. Also sets trainees’ rights and obligations, remuneration levels, and requirements for health care institutions organising training. Also provides for rest time and overtime pay. The right to document the incapacity. Specifies the hospitals for which those responsible for promoting the obtention of nurses shall be appointed.


Contains monthly basic wage in the new First Schedule for different categories of workers in this industry.

Makes provision, inter alia, for the training of technical medical and nursing staff. Nurses and Midwives Amendment Act, No. Nurses and midwives postgraduate education. Amendments to the Nurses Actin matters 196 to discipline, limitations and restrictions on practice, remuneration, travel allowances, etc.

Immigration Amendments of Current three nursing degree are to be replaced with five degrees of nursing degrees depending on the health condition.

Only applies to claims to part-time voluntary early retirement made before 1 April Miscellaneous provisions Chapter X: Defines a required framework training programme for nurses and midwives wishing to obtain professional qualifications.

Regulations providing for standards required to begin approved courses, examinations for registration and enrolment, and other related matters. Regulations providing for the registration and discipline of nurses and midwives. The Nursing and Midwifery Registration, etc. Ustawa z dnia 25 wrzesnia r. Portugal – Nursing personnel – Law, Act. Extends for two years section of the Immigration Reform and Control Act ofto make additional visas for immigrants from underrepresented countries in order to enhance diversity in immigration and to extend untilH-1 non-immigration status for certain registered nursesection.


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Italy – Nursing personnel – Law, Act Loi no concernant la ratification et l’application des conventions Nos. Comprehensive legislation whose aim is to provide for mechanisms to ensure that health practitioners are competent and fit to practise their professions. Deals with nurses’ training. Replaces paragraph 5 c concerning the working hours of room assistants.

Amendments giving the Nursing Board of Hong Kong wider discretion in considering suitability of candidates for training in nursing courses.

Kenya – Nursing personnel – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Provides for matters concerning the appointment of the Centres and the establishment of their working plans. Ustawa z dnia 15 lipca r. Cape Verde – Nursing personnel – Law, Act. Decree on the vocational training for skilled medical workers.

Act on Health Care Professionals, No. Implements the requirements of the Immigration Nursing Relief Act of Public Law in respect of certain responsibilities of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, including determination of the eligibility of foreign nurses, control of their admission and periods of stay, etc. Costa Rica – Nursing personnel – Law, Act.