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Anhelo de Vivir La Vida de Vincent Van Gogh by Irving Stone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Anhelo de vivir: la vida de Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Altaya, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Anhelo de vivir. Anhelo de vivir: La vida de Vincent Van Gogh / Longing to Live: The Life of Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Editorial Planeta.

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Preview — Anhelo de vivir by Irving Stone.

Seemed as though he had such immense bad fortune. And what do we have to show for it? Its difficult for me to believe that Van Gogh was as innocent as he comes across to the reader of this book.

After the book ends, Stone has a section called “Notes”, where he admits to the reader that a couple of the scenes such as Van Gogh’s meeting with Paul Cezanne were clearly a product of his imagination. It was more an obsession with whatever he did. But it lacked the authenticity that Agony had. Maybe this is the only way to really write this kind of a story where the only source are the letters of Van Gogh.

Anhelo de vivir

Iona Turner rated it it was ok Sep 30, But overall, the book was kinda average. Sadly none of those quotes were in the book and instead of this deeply verbaly philosophical person I have found a deeply troubled and lonely soul. A cradle was not like anything else ; there was xtone fooling with it.

I just do not give a fuck about his penis feels. It made him sensitive to the pain of others. The men in it were all powerful personalities, fierce egoists, and vibrant iconoclasts. If there actually is a book of the Van Gogh letters between Vincent and Theo I think that would be an interesting read. When at home, Stone anhflo upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler InStone received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.


The latter half could have been trimmed as it gets monotonous. A hall twenty irvinv the size of Theo’s sitting room would have been too small to contain the dynamic force of the fighting, strident painters.

Anhelo de Vivir La Vida de Vincent Van Gogh

I don’t know how true it is, but it’s a good read anyway. Srone close to Van Gogh’s life, like Paul Gauguinare also characters in the novel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It seems probable that Vincent’s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House. The chief value of art, Vincent, lies in the expression it gives the artist. But, he also isolated himself much of the time. They mistrusted and were afraid of him because he was different, even though he did them no harm and asked only to be let alone.

Since I can’t make up my mind which it is, I have compromised with a 3-star rating. He stressed me out.

Lust for Life (novel) – Wikipedia

To me, it was a lust for observing life or maybe even a lust for interpreting life—but not a lust for living life. For example, he spent many years living in Italy while working on The Agony and the Ecstasy. Not many people lead lives that can be novelised with so few additions and alterations.

The good 1 The research and consistency with at least some research on Van Gogh and what is believed have been the sequence of events in his life — he relies on VG’s letters to his brother Theo, of which there are 2 I learned about Theo Van Gogh – the unheralded, loyal to a fault, younger brother of Vincent. I will look at his art work with a fresh eye and appreciation.


Stone additionally did much of his research “in the field”. I felt like the novel was too pleasant and too simple to describe the complex characters of Vincent Van Gogh.

But, he never gave up, was forever changed after meeting the Impressionists, developed his own amazing style in which he continued to work until the end when, rather suddenly, he lost his motivation to keep working at it and decided to take his own life by shooting himself.

Io mi sono sforzata, ma non riesco proprio a dargli torto. The book is separated into nine smaller ‘books’, titled based on the places he lived: T Although this is a biography, it’s usually found under “fiction” in bookstores and libraries. They not only could not tell the difference between good and bad art, but seemed to have a positive talent for choosing the artificial, the obvious, and the cheap.

Quotes from Anhelo de Vivir. At the end of the book, Stone tells exactly what minor parts are fiction.