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This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the ER-1 from Korg. Korg ER-1 Electribe R Rhythm Synthesizer () Drum machine: 8 voices mix of analog modeling and PCM samples with sequencer and Midi sync. Listen to. Check out the Korg Electribe ER-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) own Patterns in a Pattern Set see page 31 in the ER-1 owners Manual.

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Convenient Functions For Editing Patterns Convenient functions for editing patterns If you wish to save the pattern you edit using these func- tions, you must perform the Write operation before se- lecting a different pattern or turning off the power.

Front and rear panel Synthesizer section 1. The 15 key will blink. The Transpose value is not saved. As shown in the above diagram, hook the AC adapter cable around the adapter cable holder.

Rotate the dial to select the combination of message types that will be transmitted and received; “O” allows transmis- sion and reception, and “-” disables it. Striking Keys To Play Parts 3. If you want the EA-1 and ER-1 to play the identi- cally-numbered pattern in synchronization, make the following settings. IUU square wave This waveform contains only the odd-numbered har monies, and produces a tone typical of electronically produced sound.


Careless operation may mahual your speaker system or cause malfunctions.

Use the part key to select the copy source part. Front and rear panel 2.

The ER-1 will play the pattern in synchronization with the tempo of the EA Hold down the Shift key and press step key 10 Copy Part. Saving a song Write If you wish to save a song that you create, you must perform this Write operation.

Careless operation may damage your speaker system or cause malfunctions. When the pattern has completed one cycle after you began moving the knob, the Rec key will automatically go dark and you will return to Play mode so that you can listen to the motion sequence that you just recorded. When writing a song to a different song num- ber, the maximum number of recordable events was exceeded.

The sound that is input here will be used as the sound of OSC1.

Downloads | ELECTRIBE-R mkII – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

Press the Mode key to enter Song mode or Pattern mode. The metronome will sound only during recording, on: Both PCM and modeling V. To execute Global mode, press the previous mode key. Sr-1 the musical data of the song coincides with the event-recorded data, the song data will be given priority during playback.


While the Keyboard function key is blinking, it will control the Pat- tern Set function.

ELECTRIBE-R mkII/Owner’s Manual

When you perform the Write op- eration, “Data Copy within a pattern” p. Make Connections And Play Make connections and play! During step recording, use this key to input a rest or a tie. Rotate the dial to select the amount of pitch shift. Each time you turn on elecyribe power, those settings will be in effect.

During playback, you can successively switch patterns to per- form a song.

Korg Electribe ER-1

In Song mode, these keys function as rewind and fast-forward keys. Rotating the knob toward the right will lengthen the delay time. Rlectribe key Use this key to transpose a phrase. When the song ends, playback will automatically stop.