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Should you dress how you want to feel, or simply dress how you feel? Three rules from our framework of fashion psychology to help you dress. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Enclothed cognition | We introduce the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the systematic influence that clothes have . The term Enclothed Cognition is used to describe the effect that our clothes seem to have on various psychological processes like emotions.

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And a lot of things that scientists believe is wrong, also see the fantastic Jonah Lehrer article in the New Yorker.

I had not shaved nor washed my hair that day, and I wore a mismatched suit and tie made up of several items from the local Salvation Army store. Home All Enclothed Cognition: Learn how your comment data is processed. Try this, and let me know how your xognition, enclothed cognition experiment evolves.

To test this idea, the researchers focused on the power of white coats, synonymous with scientists and their attention to detail. Also, great to hear your own story about how dressing intentionally had the effect you hoped for! Emily May 21, – 8: This site uses cookies: What are you wearing right now? How much will adaptation come into play as the individual wears the more formal clothing all of time? Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

Current Biology, 13 Through her articles and speaking engagements, Emily translates psychological research into practical guidance and goal-directed strategies for the general public. Emily’s articles are here.


They simply took part in their own clothes or wore a lab coat so the effects couldn’t be due to this. Future research, they suggested, could examine the effects of other types of clothing: Like nice business pants and s sweater seems to be the most productive days. So, I wonder how the combination of a uniform and being surrounded by uniforms that symbolize such qualities like intelligence, achievement, etc.

Embodied cognition experts have discovered that our thought processes are based on physical experiences that set off associated abstract concepts, including those generated by the clothing we wear.

Introducing “enclothed cognition” – how what we wear affects how we think

So I usually try to be the most casually dressed person in any meeting because it enclothec a reflection of the feeling we try to create in our spas! Naked people have little or no influence in society. Do you notice any behavioral changes? The suggestion was that the outfit worn provided a salient cue about how to behave, e. Third, to answer your question—when I wear my UCLA t-shirt, I feel different depending on the geographic location in which I am wearing the shirt.

Enclothed Cognition: Put On Your Power!

The key finding — students in the lab coats made half as many errors on the critical trials of the Stroop Test. Perhaps you can choose to make the monotonous daily task of getting dressed more fun and work to your advantage. Now if only I could learn to accessorize… Thanks Em! These ideas date from many decades ago. Positive Relationships — Pillar or Enclothev of the Therefore the effect might have been more of a unique effect than if they had been dressed more formally.


Does your leather bomber jacket make you think of a rebel? Clothing can enhance our psychological states, and it can improve our performance on tasks. Adam and Galinsky conducted three studies, controlling for possible characteristics across participants that could inhibit the findings.

Introducing “enclothed cognition” – how what we wear affects how we think – Research Digest

First, I agree with Maxine. Even though they all fell off within a day or two, the experience was sufficient to make me stop biting my nails for evermore. One group was instructed to put on a white lab coat, while members of the other group wore street clothes.

I imagine that the initial stereotypes enclotned most humans automatically apply to others kicked in for her in that moment.

Clothes to help dampen anxiety, uplift depression, inspire focus, foster ambition, slow anger and achieve calm. You have to choose the right quality to compensate for the said inner enclothex or lack. Why Image Matters — Working Look. Participants who donned a lab coat performed significantly better than others who merely saw a lab coat on the desk thus suggesting the enclothed effect is more powerful than mere priming or others who wore the same kind of coat but were told it belonged to a painter.

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