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Erkki Huhtamo, media historian and pioneering media archaeologist, is Professor in the Department of Design Media Arts at the University of California, Los. Visit ‘s Erkki Huhtamo Page and shop for all Erkki Huhtamo books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Erkki Huhtamo. Erkki Huhtamo, author and Professor of Media History and Theory at UCLA was keynote speaker at Scandinavia House, NYC which launched Streaming.

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Erkki Huhtamo – Collector

At DMA his areas are the history and theory of media culture and media arts. Envisioning the Ultimate Public Media Display.

With wide-ranging intellectual breath and creative insight, Huhtamo and Parikka bring together an eminent array of international scholars in film and media studies, literary criticism, and history of science in the spirit huhtamp making the discourse of the humanities legible to artist-intellectuals. However, Kittler never claimed he was focusing solely on technology or technical apparatuses.

UCLA Design Media Arts / Faculty

Erkki is also an avid collector. Time Travelling in the Moving Image An Archeological Approach in Media Art,” a growing number of artists who are aware of media archaeology get inspiration from its findings and are contributing their own creations and discoveries. Simulators and the Quest for Total Immersion.

Beside writings and academic lectures, Huhtamo has disseminated his ideas in experimental ways. The interest in change and the “ruins” of the body and mind were evident in his other works as well, which famously touched on historical changes in the modes of perception.

Toward an Archaeology of the Screen. Zielinski’s understanding of media is unconventional in its openness perhaps unintentionally erkli McLuhan’s amoebic definitionsand his intellectual appetite bottomless. It could be claimed that media archaeology is new historicist in its essence, but this would be too gross a generalization. Aarhus University Press, The illustrations, selected by the British scholar Olive Cook mostly from the great collection of John and William Barnestold an entirely different story, pointing out phenomena and potential connections omitted by Ceram.


An Archaeology of Mobile Media. Beside researching, teaching, and crisscrossing the world, I enjoy cycling, running, swimming, and growing, roasting, grinding and drinking my own coffee in LA – something I could not even dream about doing in Finland! Michel Foucault’s writings have been an important formative experience for many media archaeologists. This has led to intriguing parallels and connections between research and artistic creativity.

Last but not least, McLuhan’s unwillingness to stick with hyhtamo “methods” and fixed sets of concepts, as well as his self-reflective play with his own discourse, seems to appeal to “anarchistically minded” media archaeologists, determined to keep their approaches free from institutional-theoretical dogmas and infections.

Identifying ways in which media culture relies on the already known is just as essential as determining how it embodies and promotes the never before seen.

Media Archaeology by Erkki Huhtamo, Jussi Parikka – Paperback – University of California Press

For Elsaesser, one of the challenges is the reevaluation of the connections and gaps between media technologies. Roberto Terrosi, Kaiak Edizioni, That Perriault did not consider himself a professional historian may have contributed to the erkoi flexibility of his approach. Video by Sue Truman A short excerpt of a 19th century miniature moving panorama entitled “World’s Fair – “.

No effort will be made to nail down “correct” principles or methodological guidelines or to mark fixed boundaries for a new discipline. Emphasizing such heterogeneity is an attempt not so much to deliberately diversify the existing body of media-archaeological theory and praxis as to encourage “traveling” between discourses and disciplines.

If you are willing to step outside the glow of new media, this book’s approaches can shift how you experience the objects and experiences that fill the new everyday of contemporary life. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Whether we speak of cultural materialism, media art history, new historicism or software studies, the essays compiled here provide not only an anthology of innovative historical case studies, but also a methodology for the future of media studies as material and historical analysis.


Benjamin is arguably the most prominent forerunner-beside Foucault-of media-archaeological modes of cultural analysis and is a major influence for cultural studies.

A wide array of ideas have provided inspiration for media archaeology.

This miniature toy moving panorama was created by Milton Bradley and Co. Wayne State University Press, At first glance it bears similarities with the Arcades Project because of the way it draws from a multitude of sources to paint a portrait of an era.

Similar authors to follow

Huhtamo has curated numerous exhibitions in Europe, the United Hkhtamo and Australia. But at the same time it must be traced back to the particulars from which it rises.

huhtmao For some researchers, the main concerns are social or psychological, while for others they are economical and ideological, or motivated by search for technological determinants behind the myriad manifestations of media. Although the theoretical construct behind Audiovisions was more implicit than explicit as Zielinski himself admittedhe singled out the triad “technology-culture-subject,” identifying each of its elements with a recent intellectual tradition that had influenced him: However, their approaches differ in important respects.