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The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco . This is a Classical/Flamenco tremolo forum at strike with the thumb. Ok, let me post a little exercise that helped me learn. The tremolo is a beautiful techniques of the classical guitar: it gives the . exercises is to perform a chromatic scale by applying the tremolo.

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It is not to be played as a monotone mechanical exercise. The greater the distance each finger has to travel, the more difficult it will be to play fast.

But I highly recommend that you try it. After the thumb plays the sixth string, simply allow it to follow through. I use a little mental trick to help me execute this technique. I’m trying to find out how long it takes to get a good steady flow of tremolo going with confidence on at least four strings.

Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises | Hub Guitar

The number of slow cycles versus fast cycles can be varied as needed. How to Master the Tremolo Part 1: Everything is understood completely. But in flamenco, you still dont use 4 fingers as far as I know, well at least I dont but you start on your index, then ring, then middle, exercies BACK to index, and then you strike with the thumb.

A4 Format 80 pages. Do you do only 4-finger tremolo when training?

In another lesson about tremolo we covered the general idea of this rapid-picking technique. Other players may be able to skip a few or several.

The same with classical, which is 3-finger tremolo.


This technique is said to have developed through the desire to emulate the sustained, singing tone of a violin on an instrument with limited sustain. Over a period of thirty to sixty minutes, increase your speed until your control falters. It is an advanced technique that not all performers can master. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Eexrcises neat little practice technique is to stick a handkerchief or piece of Kleenex under the strings around the 17th fret to dampen the strings.

Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises

Master tremolo is like mastering alternate picking, you can’t really be good at all phrases until your exposed to them. Then practice your tremolo exercises. Each book is divided into three sections: When a metronome is used, it is important to always begin any exercise at a slow tempo. How to Master the Tremolo Part 3: Practicing at different volume levels will increase your hand and finger strength and overall control.

Tremolo Picking Exercises Hi I’m Grey and this is Hub Guitar Tremolo picking is a great technique to work on because it isolates the right picking hand, allowing you to exxercises on smaller faster and tighter motions, without needing to wait for the fretting hand to fret a note. After playing a string it should position itself behind the next string it is about to play. The finger plucks the exercuses string and the tension in the finger is immediately released Pepe Romero describes it as emptying the finger of its tension.

How to Practice I have a minor case of focal dystonia that causes me some problem with my index finger, and I’m trying to figure out if I will tremloo do tremolo correctly. Again, this is a practice technique or strategy.

After playing the sixth string, by all means relax the thumb so it can follow through to a point between the third and fourth strings ready to pluck the third string. I think that tremooo picking is an excellent flxmenco picking hand technique builder, and I consider it to be a building block of good guitar technique.


Although I enthusiastically recommend the Transcribe! The thumb plays in a similar fashion. To do this,some teachers recommend that the wrist be turned to the right.

Slow enough that you have total control over the exercise with zero finger and hand tension. Increasing the speed too much too soon usually results in practicing the tremolo unevenly or with poor technique large finger or thumb movements, fingernail clicks, poor thumb preparation, etc. It can be played at a variety of degrees of loudness and softness. The finger should not travel past the adjacent string. Usually the fingers will be loudest because they usually play the melody.

If a finger or fingers move, slow down and be sure the fingers are totally relaxed as the thumb makes its stroke. Technique, Styles and Theory of flamenco music, all of them with a CD so that the guitarist can practice without the need of help from a teacher. Meet or surpass your top speed every day. Most players can tell if their tremolo is off.

Guitar Technique Tip of the Month

Laying the Foundation You never know until you try it. I prefer to find esercises hand position for a student that produces not only mechanical efficiency, but produces a beautiful tone. The creation of a mellow tone must be emphasized by using more flesh than nail; for this reason, the nails should not be too long.