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Looking for FLIR Infrared Camera, m to Infinity? Grainger’s got your back. List Price:$ Easy ordering & convenient delivery. Log-in or register for. Panorama support (FLIR B/B) IR camera Flir B series with panorama support. Recordings of image sequences and automatic assemble of single images. Rent or buy the B by FLIR Systems in the Thermal Imagers industry at

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Transfer images wirelessly to a smart phone iPhone or tablet PC iPad. USB flig 1 no. Position is displayed automtically on the IR image. You have 0 items in your basket. Text and voice annotations Text comments can be made from a pre-defined list or using the touch screen. Use an infrared camera to find: Up to x pixel resolution The B-Series thermal image resolution ranges from x pixels to x pixels.

Request a Price Match Have you seen this product cheaper somewhere else? Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats; automatic shutdown, display intensity.

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

Time Lapse Periodic image storage every 10 seconds up to 24 hours to record how temeratures change over a time period. Vlir to products list. It is normally issued by a competent authority and is also known as the certificate of compliance.

Picture-in-Picture Create an infrared overlay on your visual image. Delta temperature between measurement functions or reference temperature. This makes observing and inspecting faster and easier.

An infrared camera is a powerful predictive maintenance tool, as in many instances equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing heat.


FLIR B Infrared Camera – at the Test Equipment Depot

Thermal Fusion Merges thermal and infrared images to offer better analysis. Infrared cameras meet the stringent demands of building diagnostics.

Sketch Annotations Use the touch screen as a pen and paper to add sketch’s to your image. An infrared camera is also an excellent building inspection instrument, it quickly scans and identifies problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

It contains features like dewpoint and insulation alarms that will make the life of any building thermographer a lot easier. Lens and Battery 0. Laser Pointer A conveniently located button activates the laser locator that will help you associate the hot or cold spot in the IR image with the real physical target in the field.

IR image shown above, below or within temp interval on visual image. Not only this, but it ensures the tester you are purchasing is functioning correctly before you receive it.

FLIR T Series B B Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras Imagers

Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day – Leica instruments have transformed work practices in the building 2b50. Flir B B B B The measurements are displayed on the screen and then captured when you save the image.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. After purchasing an item the points will be added to your account, which you can access by logging in. Connect directly to the device or via a local network. Let us know and we will price match it for you!

View all products by Flir. Sometimes a manufacturer issues a Flr of Conformity, but this is not a Calibration Certificate. Please enter your email address below if you would like to receive news about new products or regulation updates. Do you have a question about this product?


QuickReport includes easy image organisation tools and report templates so you can concentrate more on your IR inspection.

Tiltable Lens Unit The tiltable IR unit gives you great flexibility and allows you to work quicker and in a more comfortable position during your inspections. Readings from the meters get recorded right on the camera’s images. Call our customer service team on Flif images can be shot in vertical or horizontal direction or in a combination of the two.

They feature immediate high-resolution thermal imagery, which reveals potential structural and moisture issues, energy efficiency and even rodents or pests. Calibration and annual calibration is an important part of your maintenance and quality records as it acts as your evidence of compliance.

Provide excellent thermal scans at an affordable price while protecting your investments in technology, software, and training by the upgradable features of the B It is jam-packed with many of the features found in higher-model FLIR infrared cameras.

Sketch annotations Use the touch screen as pen and paper to add sketch annotations. T Thermal Imaging Camera. Thanks to exact laser distance measurements we do not send any lifting platforms that are too big or too small to sites, and therefore SD MemoryCard 1 no.