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Crosswind. -. CNG. 4 Wheel Regenerative Air. High Pressure. Washdown with. 24 in hand lance,. 30 ft hose Type V8 Cylinder. Displacement cu. in. ( L) . Operating CNG vehicles are really beneficial in the Middle East region considering the fact been estimated to be billion cu m and CNG/Diesel Cost Analysis 23 Vehicle & Cost Summary Overview 23 3. ( N*m) Type Engine Displacement – CU IN ( LITERS) Bore and.

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CNG, Auto LPG, Compressed Natural Gas, Eco Friendly Fuel, Green Fuel for Pollution Free Environment

Lubricating oil flow to the main oil rifle 6. Pressure Sensing Tube Assembly Source: After-treatment and Exhaust Subsystem – Diesel Only The After-treatment and Exhaust 11 subsystem is broken into 3 sub-subsystems and 24 assemblies. The exception is the oil in a CNG system does not darken and look dirty as Diesel oil does. Using separate coils for each cylinder gives each coil more time to recharge between firings which lead to fewer misfires, greater fuel economy and cleaner combustion.

CNG for Automobiles

Fuel control valve 9. Liquefied natural gas LNG is natural gas predominantly methane which is: In cold temperatures, the pressure regulator is protected from freezing by warm engine coolant which is circulated through the module. Tank picture from www. Diesel fuel is pumped from the fuel tanks through a filtering system to ensure the fuel is clean which prevents clogging of the injectors.


Cylinder Block Liners Subsystem 83 Figure Fuel tanks can be made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel. EGR differential pressure sensor Turbocharger oil supply line Temperature Sensor Assembly Figure Some CNG and Diesel components or assemblies may not have been included if they were exactly the same or outside the scope of this study.

How does the performance of a CNG-converted vehicle compare ,cu that of a petrol-run vehicle? Figure shows an example of a TWC unit.

Class 8 CNG / Diesel System Cost Analysis

Exhaust 3-Way Catalyst Overview 40 Figure Typically fills a DGE Diesel gallon equivalent tank system in about 10 minutes, but as the gas is pumped into the tank the temperature increases making the gas expand.

Turbocharger air inlet 2.

This is equivalent to Fuel Transfer Tube Assembly Source: Front engine mount 12 Dual outlet water pump 13 Belt tensioner. Significant market place competition B. Yes, even after conversion to CNG, the vehicle continues yh be fitted with the petrol carburetor and fuel tank.

Ccng, aluminum is more costly than steel. For costing purposes, FEV normally used existing databases that had been used in previous EPA powertrain studies as shown in the following list. Lubricating oil flow to the lubricating oil cooler 8. Position Sensor Assembly Source: This allows for more heat to the SCR After-treatment system. In subsystem and systems where there are no Diesel costs i. Gas Bag Vehicles Overview Source: There are two ways to do a regeneration cycle.

In some cases, two or more of the configurations can be used on the same vehicle to meet long distance requirements. Lubricating oil filter Lubricating oil pressure sensing line from the main oil rifle 4.


The enclosure weighed approximately kg without tanks. Coolant from water pump to coolant filter 5. The EPA requires truck makers to incorporate a staged warning system to let the operator know when the system is close to empty.

Too expensive CNG per kg in Slovenia and everywhere. CNG Only i Figure Fuel Shutoff Cg Assembly Source: Engine Block Overview 57 Figure Coolant filter, if equipped 6. Long haul trucks have more requirements and additional needs when running a CNG system.

Cure of wrap 7. Figure shows the Injector plumbing and all parts will be quoted. Hhy Assembly Figure Aftertreatment fuel injector fuel manifold 3. Cummins parts website https: GEG – Gasoline Equivalent Gallon is the amount of alternative fuel it takes to equal the energy content of one liquid gallon of standard gasoline.

Pressure Regulator Valve Assembly Source: The module includes a pressure regulator. This can be minimized by proper tuning on CNG e. The CNG system also requires high pressure storage tanks, mounted on the back, top or side rail of the truck depending on the application and distance needed for the truck to travel. cg

Depending on the manufacturer, there are two possible configurations for these safety mechanisms.