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Guillaume de Machaut is the most important poet and composer of the to the Kyrie and Gloria, rather than on the Ordinary texts themselves. Kyrie. ex. Guillaume de Machaut, La messe de Nostre Dame: Ite, missa est. The Kyrie is built around the same cantus firmus as the Kyrie from the Faenza. Machaut’s Mass was certainly a landmark in musical history, but this Mass is far In the Kyrie, most melismas near a minute in length, drawing the duration of.

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The tempi are refreshingly slow, unhurried and allow exposition of the importance, kurie and impact of every syllable; for the words are of the utmost importance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All of these masses are anonymous, and musicological scholarship indicates that all of them are compilations of the works of several composers. Views Read Edit View history.

Compositions by Guillaume de Machaut Medieval music Masses music. This ranges from general remarks about poetics and other aesthetic concepts to details about the composition of particular pieces, questions about their fixing and transmission in machqut and their realization in sound. Do you have any supporting evidence for this rather bold statement? Nevertheless there is fairly conclusive evidence-particularly in the work of Edmund H. The machhaut — which is crisp and atmospheric — was made in a low-ceilinged location at the Abbey of Fontevraud.

Machaut’s Messe de Nostre Dame : an overview

Three other similarly compiled masses from machaur 13th and early 14th century survive: Perhaps this makes more sense in a 14th century context, and within the acoustics that this mass would be sung in. Precisely analogous figures appear in these voices and in the other two voices elsewhere in both movements at points where all editors have agreed on a fully vocal homophonic rendering; moreover the text underlay, which is reasonably precise in the manuscripts, does not stop at those sections.


Records later show him travelling throughout Europe in the retinue of John of Macgaut, king of Bohemia. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Of course, in terms of rhythm polyphony is utilised in several different ways. By he returned to Rheims and took maachaut a career as a canon at the cathedral.

There was nothing – a repeating motive, or a similarity in compositional style – that tied the individual parts together.

Messe de Nostre Dame (Guillaume de Machaut) – ChoralWiki

TEXTURE texture is restricted to four voices that complement each other harmonically, and as earlier suggested, accentuates the harmonic structures through its neutrality. It has remained an important and influential work to this day.

PITCH This is perhaps is the element of music that is given the greatest emphasis in the construction of the mass, and it where most ground is broke in this piece. If these are not instrumental interludes why do you suppose they are textless? Mood and aura can still be altered despite the consistency of timbre.

Messe de Nostre Dame (Guillaume de Machaut)

Kyrie from the Messe de Nostre Dame. The Gloria and Credo have no apparent chant basis, although they are stylistically related to one another. Original Partbook of Machaut’s Mass.


This is very informative.

Guillaume de Machaut – Messe de Nostres Dame

The sum quotient is, although we have this mass and can read its notation, we cannot really know what Machaut intended it to sound like; there is not enough support material outside of its sources to tell us that. Never mind; this is a clean, well-balanced rendition, using solo voices, like the Taverner Consort but unlike that group with countertenors, rather than high tenors, on the top lines. Three soloists repeat music with some ornamentation.

Widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of medieval music and of all religious music, it is historically notable as the earliest complete setting of the Ordinary of the Mass attributable to a single composer in contrast to earlier compilations such as the Tournai Mass. Such understatement does not detract from the polyphony in the Gloria and Credo, where the words obviously help to shape the music; but in the other movements, the lack of inflexion soon leads to a feeling of sameness that is not dispelled by some imaginative touches elsewhere.

The other four movements of Machaut’s mass are composed machaaut motet style with mass text. Would love to hear back. He had a small home attached to the cathedral and from there devoted himself to writing music and poetry. Retrieved from ” https: