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Resources. To top. M Series data sheet M 2G User Manual Maestro Version: 1 – File size: . M 2G Maestro Wireless Solutions Maestro Wireless datasheet, inventory, & pricing. M 2G Compact Plug And Play Quad band GSM modem, a perfect solution for demanding M2M applications through the RS interface.

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Please refer Chapter Unauthorized incoming call will be hanged up within one ring.

The whole file has to be downloaded at one time otherwise the downloaded data will be discarded 8. Trigger Type c.

Maestro M100 2G Quick Start Manual & User Manual

Description of the Operation 1. If all retries are fail that Email will be aborted Confidential, the whole present document is the sole property of Maestro Wireless Solution Ltd. User need to enter the password set with this parameter.

When set as low-to-high triggering: There are total of maeshro Alarms can be used. Valid value is 1 to 3 Note: This chapter will describe those required setups. AT command for socket communication Confidential, the whole present document is the sole property of Maestro Wireless Solutions Ltd. Unit is in minute. Do not use it for downloading other things.


M 2G – M&F Dev Tools

After about 20 seconds M will connect to the Internet automatically. If the input signal change is less than ms this feature will not be able to detect accurately. Can I put any AT command to control other features described in this document? Maximum length is 64 characters.


Valid value is 1 to Following items will be checked: Check with your DDNS service provider for correct name. There are two AT commands: Setting up EM set 1 with elements: Can I disable the MSP? Following functions are exclusive to each other, i. Modem will also report check result by SMS if result is beyond preset limit, and reset automatically if maesgro network connection.

See following for more explanation. Maextro it is set to 1 initiate a delay will be introduced before the sending of a TCP frame The default value is 0. Subject title up to characters, from a choice 10 pre-store subject record.

These Services, when a certain pre-defined condition is matched e. Up to 3 email bodies with characters max can be stored. The Service cannot detect AI value change period less than 1s. When finishing a result code will be returned. Boasting the reliability the M Series is known for, the M 2G modems are the perfect devices to use in any of your projects facing tough conditions or extended lifetime requirements.


Table Of Contents 4. The modem will try sending response SMS for three times max. Valid value is 1 to 3.

Configure Mafstro 3 trigger condition that value is higher than the high limit threshold value 2s, and trigger Command String 1 if signal condition match: And once data enter to serial port data will be buffered and then start connecting remote TCP server.

And now it is incorporated to M 2G. Default value is 0 no retry. Please read notes below when using it with TCP client mode. Maximum mestro group of reipent s can be sent for a single email: This is NOT the input voltage of the external power supply for the mode, it is an internal input voltage inside modem circuit.